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Healing for Dogs, talking, connecting and communicating with them intuitively

Jackie for many years has been involved in animal healing and is currently studying at a post-graduate level in animal behaviour and healing massage with the British College of Canine Studies.

My healing experience started over 20 years ago with rescue Horses bought by the general public at Horse markets and dogs from rescue centres.

Living in the south of England, it is wonderful to be surrounded by so much wildlife, some of which visit our garden, and of course the wild pheasant and deer.”

My ethics and the unique offer I make

As member of the Harry Edwards healing Sanctuary I adhere to its strict code of conduct and to the veterinary act. This is important in a field where anyone can offer animal healing or communication, even with little or no experience or training. As an all-round healer who is experienced with both humans and animals, I can help with the human – animal partnership.

I am passionate about helping people with their animals, and I offer a unique service in this respect. When I give healing to your animal I link you in that process, so that you too receive healing energy. No promises of a cure are made or implied by Jackie. Each animal is unique and the outcome of healing cannot be predicted or assumed.

Healing and the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966

Healing – channelling healing energy through the hands from a universal source of energy – should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care and attention.

Please note that Paragraph 18 of Part 2F of the RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct, provides information including that all animals must be seen by a veterinary surgeon, and that the vet must be content for healing to be given by the laying on of hands.

With any concerns that you may have about an animals’ health or wellbeing, your first port of call must be a veterinarian. Only a vet may make a diagnosis, or prescribe.

If you want to book Jackie for a healing session, you will need to first ask your veterinary surgeon for approval for this therapy to take place.

To contact Jackie and arrange a consultation telephone 07990066040

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