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Connecting dogs and people.

The caring qualified and experienced Behaviourist and Trainer for you.

Aiming to promote and maintain standards in animal behaviour, training and care.

Having the support of a qualified professional can make all the difference.

Rock Villa Canine Care exist to provide excellent personalised services for you and your dog(s). My name is Jackie, and I live in Somerset.

I believe that your dog(s) are individuals with specific needs and that your unique circumstances may also mean that you have very particular requirements. All of my advertised services can be modified and I aim to match my provision to your specific requests. I am also willing to consider providing any other pet/errand service that you require and welcome your suggestions. Please feel free to contact me even if it is just to talk through your requirements and ideas.

Almost all of my services can be extended to include other dogs in your household, and I have many years of experience in the care of animals including Horses and Cats, but at present I only accommodate dogs.

Previous Experience

I have retired from a long legal career to pursue my dream of owing my own canine business although I have shared all my years with a succession of wonderful canine friends. My business combines my passion for dogs with more than 14 years of working in the legal sector in private practice here in the UK and overseas. My desire is to provide an easily modified service designed (with your input) to best suit your specific requirements.

My experience spans involvement in raising puppies, care throughout all stages of life, training and re-homing young and senior English and Staffordshire Bull Terriers from rescue facilities, with a special interest in intuitive behaviours; dogs as dogs and positive reinforcement.

Prior to setting up Rock Villa Canine Care I have been training and boarding dogs for many years, have provided holiday care for friends and family’s dogs and also ‘house-sit’ regularly while people are taking a holiday. I can offer references and testimonials.

I have a wealth of experience, so if your dog’s behaviour is causing a concern to you, I can help you understand the problem and work towards modifying the behaviour.

With over 20 years of experience in training all breeds of dogs, Rock Villa Canine Care is now available to all owners with a desire to get the best from their dogs. I prefer to train dogs outdoors with many distractions given they are most likely to encounter these in daily life. One-to-one home training is another good solution. As a member of Kennel Club I run: The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme training programmes.

On this site you will find further information about training and behaviour work:

No matter how badly behaved you think your pet is, I have the experience and knowledge to help you get the well behaved pet you have always wanted.

Why Choose Me?

It is important to make sure when choosing a Dog Trainer or Behaviourist that you contact a professional.

I am a qualified and experienced full time dog Behaviourist and Trainer. I hold a PhD in Science, Diplomas with distinctions in Applied Animal Behaviour, Animal Psychology, Holistic Animal Healing, and an advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training. In addition, a ACMI, CIPD Fellow; I am fully insured, a member of Kennel Club, MJ6150367 and AHCP 1103194.

Rock Villa Canine Care will feature centre page heavily inside the St Giles Animal Rescue by a form of an advert in the folders and e-brochure in 2018.

Anyone can claim to be a dog trainer and/or sell you a dog. It is difficult to tell who is telling the truth, particularly on the internet. It is very easy to make claims about how good you are and about the success you have had training dogs; people are frequently taken in by inexperienced trainers/behaviourists. I can actually show you trained dogs and effective techniques based on real dog training and dog psychology principles that are proven to work time and time again.




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