ROCK VILLA DAY CARE Client Agreement

I request that my dog(s) be accepted into the Rock Villa Day Care, in accepting my dog(s) into the facility, I acknowledge that the Facility will be relying on my understanding and agreement with the provisions of this Agreement. I understand and agree that:

Every dog reacts differently and animals, by nature, are unpredictable and, therefore, present a certain level of risk. I acknowledge and understand that there are certain risks involved in participating in day care and in owning, training, caring for, handling and being in the presence of dogs, including but not limited to injuries to people, property and animals resulting from dog fights, dog bites to humans or other dogs and the transmission of disease.

In case of emergency or for the use of the Pet taxi, I recognise the risks of injury that accompany said transport and acknowledge that this Agreement is being relied upon by this Facility to permit transport of my dog(s) to and from the facility or any other necessary location. I accept any and all conditions, rules and regulations promulgated by this facility associated with the activities, use of the facilities and transport, and hereby agree to comply with them.

Dogs not familiar with the Facility may experience separation anxiety when apart from their human companions.

Dogs not regularly socialised do not necessarily know how to behave politely with other dogs. These dogs are at higher risk of incidents including, but not limited to, bites, fights, fear aggression, object guarding, and behaviour problems and or acting out.

We cannot accept dogs with a history of aggression towards other animals or people.  Dogs that are destructive to property in any way will not be accepted.  In exceptional circumstances if your dog does become aggressive or destructive, we will ask you to remove your dog.  If this is not possible within a reasonable time, we will transfer them to kennels.  The kennel fees and any other costs will be payable by you.

Dogs at play during the regular day care can get dirty. Dogs with longer hair can get matted from the level of activity at day care. Baths and brush outs can be requested and scheduled. Excessively long toenails may cause injury.

There are extra risks to my puppy of contracting disease or illness by entering the day care or boarding program without being fully vaccinated.

Water is available at all times; however, my dog may still be thirsty after day care. I will be aware of their water intake as excessive amounts may cause an upset stomach or other problems.

Any behaviour deemed dangerous or inappropriate by Facility personnel may result in dismissal of my dog(s) from the programs.
I must pay for all services at the time they are rendered. I understand any unpaid fees by me will be sent to debt collectors, and I will be responsible for all debt and legal fees incurred by such actions taken.

In admitting my dog(s) into the Facility, the Facility has relied on my representation that my dog(s) is/are in good health, has/have not been ill with any communicable disease within the last 30 days and has/have not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any person or any other dog.

I have read and understand the Facility’s “Rules and Regulations.”

I understand that Facility staff give all pets involved in any type of incident a cursory examination; however, the Facility’s staff are not trained veterinarians and will not be liable for the location, treatment or diagnosis of any injuries incurred on the Facility’s premises. If my dog(s) is/are involved in an incident at the Facility, I will check my dog(s) further or seek treatment for my dog(s) by a licensed veterinarian at my discretion and cost.

Rock Villa Canine Care Rules & Regulations

Age: We accept dogs of all ages. (Dogs over 12 months old must be neutered).
All dogs must be current on all recommended vaccinations to meet the facilities criteria.  Puppies12 weeks or over (on completion of their full course of vaccinations by your vet) can be accepted into Rock Villa Canine Care.  We do not put any upper age limit on who can come and join in the fun.

For elderly or particularly frail dogs we will assess their suitability during their free assessment and if you have any concerns we will of course discuss these with you in full. We have a separate Chill Out Zone inside the facility so we may recommend your dog remains in there for the most part if you are concerned that they won’t be able to enjoy their time with the majority of the younger or livelier dogs.

Rock Villa Canine Care reserves the right to turn away any dog unsuitable for this environment.

To ensure the safety and health of all animals, customers and staff at Rock Villa Canine Care facilities, we require all clients to comply with the following Rules and Regulations:

Assessment: If you would like to bring your dog along for their free assessment, all you need to do is arrange a convenient time to meet you and your dog(s). The process is quite straightforward and will involve the completion of a form, which we will ask you to sign if we are all happy to proceed. We will ask about your dogs’ health, history, behaviour, habits, likes and dislikes. We will also need to record your veterinary practice details and we will also ask to see your dog’s proof of vaccination. On registration, regardless of whether you only intend to use Rock Villa Canine Care on an ad-hoc basis or whether you intend on using us five days a week, we will make up a record file for your canine friend and this will be used on the “Who is in the center today” board, a bit like a clocking in and out system for your dog!

Please give us a ring, text or email or indeed just pop along to visit our premises to pick up a copy up.

Behaviour: All dogs must pass the Rock Villa Canine Care Behaviour Assessment for enrolment in our facility. All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food or toy protective. Owners will need to certify that their dog(s) have not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any person or any other dog(s). Please remember that your pet will be spending time with other pets and that their safety and health is our main priority. Keep in mind, although it is supervised play, your dog still might acquire an occasional nip or scratch.

Pets are accepted on the basis of the information provided on the registration form and Rock Villa Canine Care will not accept responsibility for the consequences of a pet exhibiting behaviour not predicable from the information disclosed in the registration form.

Registration: All dogs must have a complete, up-to-date and approved enrolment form on file.

Health: All dogs must be in good health. Owners will need to certify that their dogs are in good health and that they do not have any potentially contagious conditions. Eye infections, stomach upsets and coughs can be spread easily. We MUST be made aware for the sake of the other dogs. If your dog exhibits any ailments during their time at Rock Villa Canine Care, we will treat them as necessary (this can include segregating them from the other dogs if we feel they will benefit from this and we will inform you as soon as possible). We ask that any dog that has been poorly remains away from the Centre for 48 hours. We ask all two legged clients to ensure their four legged friends are regularly treated against worms, fleas and ticks.

Identification: All dogs must wear a collar and ID tag whilst at Rock Villa Dog Day. This must not be a choke chain. This is a legal requirement and also one stipulated on our Licence Agreement. If your dog doesn’t normally wear a non-choke chain type of collar, then we will put one on your dog while at the Centre.

Microchipping: Since 6 April 2016 all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales are legally required to be microchipped and their details registered on one of the authorised databases such as Petlog. Northern Ireland has already introduced this measure.

Under the law you are obliged to keep your details up to date on the database. Police and local authority employees will be issued with microchip reader scanners so that instant enforcement of the law can be carried out. A time window will be allowed for the owner to get the chipping done if their pet is caught without a chip. After which a £500 fine for failing to comply will be issued.  Rock Villa Canine Care reserves the right to turn away any dog that is not microchipped.

Vaccinations: We would ask that you ensure that your dog(s) are vaccinated in accordance with veterinary advice.  All dogs registered with us must be vaccinated.  We also ask that owners ensure that dogs are in good health and free from fleas and are adequately wormed, and regularly receive preventative flea and tick treatments.

Unlike many day care centers in the UK, Rock Villa Canine Care do not insist on your dog(s) being treated against Kennel Cough, this is optional. We do recommend it but we don’t insist on it as we appreciate that many people don’t see the point in it. Kennel Cough rarely causes dogs any real issues, if they catch it, most of the time they’ll just cough with quite a distinctive dry sounding cough for one to two weeks, especially when excited or while exercising. It is highly contagious but rarely requires veterinary treatment. However, because it is so infectious, we do highly recommend puppies under twelve months or elderly dogs are treated as they are more likely to suffer from the symptoms or require a course of antibiotics from the vet. We will discuss this with you in more detail when we meet you. Ultimately the decision is yours – if you decide not to have your dog treated against it then you may just have to put up with a dry sounding harsh cough for a few weeks but if you do get your dog treated then your dog is unlikely to then contract it.


Occasional spats do occur due to the very nature of the establishment but all staff are trained in animal first aid and in the vast majority of occasions the spat itself is very minor and will be stopped as soon as it starts. Should any dog be injured beyond the realms of basic first aid then the dog will either be taken to a vets or a vet will be called immediately. We will endeavor to inform you as soon as possible. Payment for the veterinary costs are payable by the owner and a disclaimer to this effect will be signed by you, the owner, on registration. Full payment for the veterinary treatment administered must be paid within seven days.

Banned Breeds

Those dogs listed in the Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997 e.g. the Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, Pit Bull Terrier and the Dogo Argentino, cannot be accepted.

Neutering Policy

We do not accept un-neutered adult male dogs or bitches in season or about to come into season at Rock Villa Canine Care. Puppies are taken on with the proviso that they will be neutered when they become of suitable age (usually around 6-9 months old). Any vaccinated puppy 12 weeks or over can come along for fun at Rock Villa Canine Care. If you suspect your bitch might be coming into season, please let us know, equally, if we spot the signs, we’ll let you know and you’ll have to keep your bitch at home for the remainder of the season.


Prices & Payments

Our service charges are set out in our price list on our website.  Upon confirmation of a booking the customer will be deemed to have accepted the charges of Rock Villa Canine Care.  You must pay in advance or at the time you drop your dog off in the morning.  If you wish to pay in bulk for a set period, you will benefit from a discount. Prices are subject to annual review.  All our customer will be notified prior to any increase being made.  For advance bookings, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required, paid at the time of booking to secure a place.


Either party may terminate the agreement of services by providing one weeks’ notice.  Bookings may be cancelled or changed provided 24 hours’ notice (working days) is given.  If your booking is for a Monday, notification is required by 10am the Friday before.  Please telephone 07990066040 (a voice mail message is acceptable).  After this time, a cancellation fee of 100% of the booked service will be charged.

If you have pre-paid for a session and cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice you will not be refunded but any more than 24 hours’ notification and you will be refunded in full.

We always return telephone calls, e-mails and text messages.  We always confirm bookings and cancellations.  If you do not receive a reply or confirmation of a booking or cancellation, please assume that our system has failed and try to contact us again.

Insurance & Security

Rock Villa Canine Care holds public liability insurance for loss and/or damage to third party property and/or bodily injury to third party persons arising out of the insured’s activities as a pet carer. Cover as a result of negligence to the limit of £15,000 any one accident and a maximum of £500,000.


You are free to use Rock Villa Canine Care as often or as little as you like but preference will always be given to frequent users should we ever be at full capacity so please book in advance by as much notice as you can. If more than three months lapse between visits, we will need to do another temperament assessment. We do prefer our four legged clients to visit at least on a semi-regular basis wherever possible as they enjoy it all the more and feel truly like a member of the Rock Villa Canine Care family.


We offer a free lunch. If your puppy or dog requires any special food while at Day Care, please bring the right amount with you in an airtight container marked clearly with your dog’s name and your surname. Those who have lunch or food at any other time will be taken to the Lunch Club Zone.